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Our goal here at Hugoton Assembly is to get you to LOVE God's Word! But, "You cannot love something you don't know!"*

According to statistics, "Bible engagement is at an all-time low. Many people have access to the Bible, but very few regularly engage with it."*

We are thrilled to start the Bible Engagement Project -- church-wide. From our Preschool students to our adults, we are all on a journey through the Scriptures.

Each week we'll have 3 - 4 points of engagement: 
  1. Wednesday Nights - During our Bible studies on Wednesdays, we will begin discussing a new lesson. Over 40 weeks, these lessons will take us from Genesis to Revelation. AND, all ages will be discussing the same topic/Scripture in an age-appropriate manner.
  2. Sunday School - During our Sunday School hour, we will continue the lesson started on Wednesday. This discussion can also continue within age-appropriate groups.
  3. Personal Devotions - Each lesson on the app, contains daily devotionals. These are short and can help continue to walk you through personal reflection. 
  4. Family Devotions - Each lesson also has family devotions. This is an excellent way to continue the discussion at home. If you have a family, we encourage you to do the family devotions if you only have time for one option out of 3 & 4.

*Bible Engagement Project, Facilitator's Guide, Assemblies of God.